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  • Davis family pledges $100,000 to library project
    Dr. Mike and Nancy Davis, a couple raised in west-central Iowa with more than 40 years of residency in Carroll, have pledged $100,000 to the Carroll Public Library and City Hall Modernization Project.
  • Walsh family pledges $100,000 to library project
    Lou and Marianne Walsh, former longtime owners of Walsh Motors in Carroll, have pledged $100,000 to the city’s public library and City Hall modernization project.
  • Carroll cop who courted teenage girls resigns
    Carroll police officer Jacob Smith, 26, resigned Monday amid a Daily Times Herald investigation into his relationships with teenage girls.
  • New library plan aligns with Chamber focus
    As executive director of the Carroll Chamber of Commerce, part of my role is to measure our work on a daily basis, as it compares to our focus and mission.
  • Sanctuary city — Carroll-style
    What’s going on in America?  I struggle to understand and comprehend the incredible amount of divisiveness in our country. So often anymore, if one doesn’t agree with a belief, or a position of another, there is a heated exchange and ultimately division and resentment follows. What has happened to the America most of us remember? We as a nation have not only forgotten how to be respectful, but we have forgotten how to respectfully disagree.
  • Ballots available for library/City Hall vote
    Absentee voting is open for the city vote planned for Aug. 1.
  • Charles Heider family pledges $100,000 to library project
    The family of Carroll native Charles Heider, the late, classy, behind-the-scenes Omaha, Nebraska, investment banker with close ties to Warren Buffett, and the largest private benefactor in Creighton University’s history, has pledged $100,000 to the Carroll Public Library and City Hall Modernization Project.
  • Similarities and success tied to Carroll library plan

    Thanks to the generosity of the Moehn and Milligan families with their $1 million gift of the current Commercial Savings Bank building, the Carroll community has an opportunity to create a new City Hall for its administrative offices and to use the old city administrative office space to expand the Carroll Public Library.

  • Ernst leads charity ride despite death threat
    A 64-year-old Nebraska man threatened to kill U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst in the days ahead of a Saturday motorcycle ride in western Iowa that Ernst led for charity, according to a criminal complaint in federal court.
  • The Democrats’ great rural Iowa hope?
    The winding Montgomery County roads from Red Oak to the Norris family farm served as something of a time machine Saturday evening, with both forward and reverse levers available to a politician many Democrats believe can resurrect the party’s fortunes in rural Iowa.
  • Library plan advances Carroll, meticulous in cost savings
    As you may know I am a Carroll Library trustee and LAUNCH Committee member (Library Advocates for Upgrade and a New City Hall).
  • Growing up in Carroll, I vaguely remember going to the old library and the sound of dropping books in the return. It was so long ago, but I know we spent a lot of time down there as kids. Why we built a new library wasn’t completely understood as a child because we were content with our space, but I am glad we did. As I got older and busier, I may have only read when I needed to for school or for a project I was working on, but since those days, I continue to enjoy books and libraries. I have been a member at other libraries as well, and they have all had a positive impact on my education and leisure time.
  • Our Ignoramus in Chief ignores energy changes
    Ignoramus, Merriam Webster Dictionary tells us, is the title character in a 1615 farce by George Ruggle. In Latin, the word means “we do not know.” Ruggle set up Ignoramus as a lawyer who fancies himself to be quite shrewd but is actually foolish and ignorant, a metaphor for the British legal system of the time. Thus the word applies perfectly to President Donald Trump, who visited Cedar Rapids last week for one of his rallies devoid of fact but full of snark. In the heart of Iowa, the greatest generator of wind energy per capita in the nation, the Ignoramus in Chief was talking up the dying coal industry and said, “I don’t want to just hope that the wind blows to light up your homes and your factories.” Then he paused, and added: “as the birds fall to the ground.”
  • Why a ‘yes’ vote on library/City Hall is essential for Carroll
    I grew up in Arcadia just 9 miles away from Carroll, and I still like to tell folks I moved to the “big city.”
  • Redneck Skeet Shooting With Prizes
    The comedian Bill Burr invented another shooting sport should the worlds of Amazon.com, the Goliath of modern e-commerce, collide with the diminished rural regions of the nation for which the internet is proving to be something akin to the smallpox-infected blankets white soldiers gave to Native Americans in the 1800s.
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